Alliance for Common Fine Arts Curriculum

Since November 2019, the HfBK Dresden has been in a unique pilot project called EU4ART together with the art academies of Budapest, Riga and Rome - this alliance is working on the development of a common curriculum of fine arts until October 2022.


On our EU4ART blog you will find all important information about the alliance and current projects!





Our Vision for the Future


The EU4ART European University, created by four higher art education institutions, aims to develop a common flexible curriculum in fine arts.The new curriculum is based on an interdisciplinary and international approach, integrating innovative pedagogigal methods, including digital technologies. These new curriculum will serve as a model that could be used for other European universities, with the goal of creating a European Virtual University of Arts by 2025. EU4ART has established a common structure to share art technique, specific knowledge and practical experience.

In developing a European Network of Workshops for Teaching and Art Practice, EU4ART will be asking about the impacts, relevance and demands of teaching manual art techniques and traditions in an increasingly digital world. The relationship between historical techniques and the contemporary technologies and materials that are likewise taught in art academies raises issues about their specific qualities. Within this context, and in addition to this, EU4ART will look in terms of professional practice, rather than theory, at the role art plays in forging continuity and definingidentity, as one of the original roots of a “European higher education”.


Students will have the possibility to move smoothly, without difficulty, from one insitution to another. Another innovative feature of the EU4ART European University is that, differently from practices of higher education established in other areas, the result of the activities will be manifested in works of art, which will express the common European idea, the diversity of cultures, the use of new technologies and the role of fine arts in the 21st century.

These will be physically manifested, available to society at large through exhibitions. EU4ART will contribute to the reinforcement of a consciousness of European identity and make known, and popular, the heritage and diversity of European culture, focusing on fine arts.



Putting Our Vision Into Practice


  • Common flexible curriculum in the field of fine arts

  • Methodological renewal of training courses via common exhibitions and personal study of the work carried out at the workshopsand studios of the other partners

  • Obtaining experiences and expanding instruments of pedagogical methodology

  • Broad networking of participants in all four insititutions, focusing on the integration of workshop facilities into the local structure at different levels

  • Carrying out resarch in the field of “fine arts language” and compiling a fine arts multilingual dicitionary (verbal-visual)

  • Promoting learning foreign languages for students as well as for the teachers and staff

  • Developing a mentor system to facilitate mobility


  • be a vehicle for skill-specific knowledge transfer which, together with the shared use of resources, will ensure topquality teaching

  • champion interdisciplinarity through course options

  • strengthen cooperation, via common working groups and tools, towards a common curriculum, a mentor system, methodological renewal, common exhibitions, conferences, art language research, art language courses, student and teacher mobility, a common website and more

  • create innovative pedagogical models and make the best use of digital technologies and workbased learning

  • promote multilingualism

  • interlink EU4ART with the public/society, with a thematic focus on European values and diversity

  • methodological focus on documenting teaching

  • processes, art specific evaluations and display of art results via common exhibitions

  • set up a European Network of Workshops for Teaching and Art Practice.


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EU4ART Alliance support the exchange of experience among students in and through the fine arts in order to help emerging artists and to foster innovation and unpredictability on all levels relevant to the arts and its influence on society in the European Union (EU). Within the alliance students have the opportunity to develop a range of practical and creative skills and gain valuable experience of entering exhibitions, competitions and building up a portfolio of work.

Student Involvement is a top priority at EU4ART - students have the opportunity to get involved in the international student board, which is an open plattform for all students of the 4 universities to get to know each other, share ideas and thoughts and organise joint projects. They meet every two weeks via Zoom to discuss topics, projects and news of our universities.


If you are a student of one of the universities you are more than welcome to join. For the link of the meeting please inquire at

More informations about our programm and the universities from a student point of view you can find here:




You would also like to initiate an exchange and start joint projects?! EU4ART and the HfBK Dresden support projects between the partner academies. You can find out what you need to do in our funding guideline: PROJECT FUNDING






All current announcements and open calls can be found here!

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Andrea Weippert,
Referat Presse-
& Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

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Stefanie Busch,


Martina Kirchner

Bettina Lehmann
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Nadja Möller
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Bildende Kunst
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