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LECTURE "Mapping Art Experiences"

Lecture with Matthew Pelowski & Joerg Fingerhut

Only recently, empirical aesthetics has started to focus on the variety of experiences we have when encountering art in ecologically valid settings (museums, galleries, urban environments). We will report on a series of studies conducted in the Albertina Museum in Vienna that aimed to capture how museum-goers engage with art and map these findings on a model, employing recent network modelling techniques. Those results will be related to general models of our art experience and philosophical approaches on how we can identify relevant, art-specific engagements. The central question will be, in which ways neuroscientific and psychological findings can enhance our understanding of the power of art. And, more broadly, what are the implications of this research approach for art education, philosophy, and working artists. Matthew Pelowski (Institut für Psychologie, Universität Wien) and Joerg Fingerhut (Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) H2020- Project ARTIS (Art and Research on Transformations of Individuals and Societies) The talk will be in English; MP will present via zoom, JF in person. Due to the limited number of spectators in the nude hall, we ask for prior registration with Till Ansgar Baumhauer: The event will also be streamed via zoom. Mr. Baumhauer will be happy to provide the zoom link upon request via the above mentioned email.


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