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ONLINE LECTRUE - MMM#1: "Material resists Concept: Abject Material in Artistic Processes"

Online lecture with Lisa Glauer | Material Method Meaning Online lecture series

15/10 17-18:30 CET via Zoom Registration:

Although contemporary art practice has already discovered and used almost all available materials, there are a number of materials that meet with resistance from artists and viewers alike. This resistance has cultural connotations and can itself become the object of investigation in artistic practice.

Lisa Glauer is painter working at on the interface to installation and public art, and has worked as curator and art & design theorist. Her project "Walking from Frauenklinik to Futurium" was recently funded by the Berlin School of Advanced Studies in Science and Studies in Berlin, where she was selected to participate as Associate until 2019. She was called on to work on the "GedenkOrt Charité" public art project as part of the project team, dealing with commemoration of victims in relation to medical atrocities during National Socialism and has been working as research fellow at Charité, Institute for History of Medicine and Ethics of Medicine, and the Institute for Art in Context/UdK since 2016. Besides maintaining her own artistic practice, she has been teaching at Institute for Art In Context as deputy of Wolfgang Knapp (Vertretung in der Lehre) from 2016- 2018, producing two exhibitions with and for the students of her seminars these past two years (ngbk and okk). She taught at Associate in the international MFA Program Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at Bauhaus-University in Weimar (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar) from 2009 until 2015, where she focussed in particular on developing and implementing international projects in public space.


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