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With a history of over 250 years, the Dresden University of Fine Arts is one of the oldest training institutions for fine arts in Europe. Its autonomy is based on the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of art and freedom of education and research in art and science. Approximately 550 students are currently enrolled in the study programmes of Fine Arts, Art Technology, Preservation and Restoration of Artistic and Cultural Assets, Stage Setting and Costume Design, Theatre Design (technical college) and the postgraduate programme Art Therapy.


This course profile is complemented by the subject areas of Art History, Philosophy/Aesthetics, Architecture and Interior Design, Applied Theatre Studies/Production Dramaturgy as well as Artistic Anatomy.


The key goal of our educational programme is to pave the way for multi-talented, creative personalities whose capabilities exceed the limits of their respective core discipline.


The individual fields of study are spread over three different locations in Dresden.


International applicants 


After providing an overview of all study programmes offered at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste, we give you important information about studying in Germany.

Study programmes:

The Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden offers two faculties with the following fields of study:

  • Faculty I (standard period of study 10 semesters, graduation: diploma)
    Fine Arts


  • Faculty II (standard period of study 10 semesters, graduation: diploma)
    Restoration with specialisations: 

    • Art Technology, Preservation and Restoration of Paintings on Mobile Picture Carriers

    • Art Technology, Preservation and Restoration of Sculptures and Room Setting

    • Art Technology, Preservation and Restoration of Mural Paintings and Architectural Colours

    Stage Setting and Costume Design:
    (standard period of study 10 semesters, graduation: diploma)
    Technical college study programme “Theatre Setting”
    (standard period of study 8 semesters, graduation: Diploma Designer (technical college)) with the fields of study: 

    • Costume Design

    • Make-Up

    • Theatrical Painting

    • Theatre Sculpture


Course of study for graduates:

For graduates, the academy offers postgraduate study programmes (four semesters) in the following specialisations:


  • Fine Arts (master class programme)

  • Stage Setting and Costume Design (master class programme)

  • Postgraduate programme  Art Therapy (diploma)


Admission to course of study:

For foreign applicants, largely the same conditions and procedures apply as for German applicants. They must provide an equivalent to the German university entrance qualification and artistic-creative work samples, as well as demonstrate sufficient German language skills.
For more detailed information and dates, please see the information sheet for the respective field of study. 
Start preparing early for your stay in Germany. Experience has shown that you need at least a year from the first application to the beginning of the study.

You can obtain information about study opportunities and immigration formalities at German diplomatic missions (embassies, Consulate General). You can find out about study and funding opportunities in the Federal Republic of Germany at the branch offices and information centres (Information Centre, IC) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (also see

Language certificate:

If you wish to complete all your studies at our academy, you will need to have a language certificate for the B2 level (TestDaF, DSH, Goethe) with a grade of at least GUT (GOOD) at the latest by the time of enrolment.  

Questions about everyday life at the academy: 

Foreign students are also welcome to contact the student assistant of the International Office with any questions they may have about everyday life at the academy: erasmus @ hfbk-dresden . de

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